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Embark on a riveting journey through the captivating biography of Mr. Julio Verissimo, a distinguished individual whose life’s narrative unfolds beyond the confines of mere words on pages. This compelling book delves deep into the convictions, inspirations, and influential moments that shaped the remarkable journey of Julio Verissimo. More than a narrative, it’s an exploration of resilience, passion, and the indomitable spirit that forged an extraordinary life.


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Immerse yourself in a tale that transcends conventional biographies, offering a profound exploration of a life well-lived and a visionary glimpse into the future.

🌐 About Julio Verissimo

With over 24 years of experience in multisectorial growth, Mr. Julio Verissimo has left an indelible mark in more than 47 countries. An executive leader and native Visionaire, he has played significant roles in IT, technological transformations, and wireless networks. His contributions extend to the telco and banking sectors, where he developed systems for VAR and regulation.

Mr. Julio Verissimo is the President & CEO of Borderless Consulting, a global consulting firm specializing in cross-border operations. Recognized with the “World Eminent Man of Global Financial Technology 2023” award, he has been a driving force in diverse sectors, including cryptocurrency projects, green energy, and sustainable infrastructure.

🌍 Foundation Borderless Consulting: A Commitment to Sustainability

As the President of Foundation Borderless Consulting, Mr. Julio Verissimo leads initiatives focused on sustainability, aiming to create a better world. The foundation’s programs, spanning environmental education, consultations, advisory services, campaigns, and innovative solutions, work in collaboration with governments worldwide.

🏆 Awards and Recognitions

Mr. Julio Verissimo’s accomplishments extend beyond the professional realm. Acknowledged as a Top 50 Thought Leader in Climate Change, Renewable Energy, Business Continuity, and Coaching by Thinkers 360, featured contributor on BIZCATALYST360 he is also a Fair Economic Developer for OIDE – IOED www.icj-icc.org , www.europolicefederation.sk , www.oide-gouv.org , www.rotary.org , www.lionsclubs.org , www.knightsofmalta-osj.org

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Join us as we unveil the extraordinary life of Mr. Julio Verissimo in “Beyond Borders,” a biography that promises to inspire and resonate with readers across the globe. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to witness the power of a life devoted to sustainability, innovation, and positive global change, appearences on media: https://liveshow.bodlsc.com/ and magazines and TV

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