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Mr. Ensar Kuč – President – Montenegro Business Association GermanyMr. Julio Verissimo – President & CEO – Borderless Consulting

The English company “Borderless Consulting” and “Montenegro Business Association Germany”, which have signed a partnership, direct strategic investment plans for Montenegro in the field of energy and tourism. The president of the “Montenegro Business Association Germany” Ensar Kuč told the portal #cgdijaspora that this joint venture has the ambition to overcome the usual borders and represents an extraordinary opportunity for the progress of Montenegro.

Julio Verissimo, president and executive director of the company “Borderless Consulting”, emphasizes that their cooperation is not only aimed at the transfer of knowledge and resources, but also at the realization of an authentic partnership that will support the development aspirations of Montenegro.

– Our cooperation aims to use the collective expertise of both organizations to launch Montenegro into a new era of growth. With the utmost sincerity, we undertake to extend our expertise at the highest levels to the deserving people of Montenegro. With a focus on different sectors, we strive to significantly contribute to the development of industry, infrastructure and socio-cultural aspects, nurturing an environment suitable for innovation and progress — said Kuč.

Julio Verissimo told the portal #cgdijaspora that the synergy between “Borderless Consulting” and “Montenegro Business Association” will serve as a testimony of the potential that lies in harmonious international cooperation. Nada Kovačević

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